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 Consolidation, regulation will spur outdoor growth: Raj Nayak
Raj Nayak
Raj Nayak says that the outdoor industry will experience higher growth when consolidation of media ownership sets in. With over 2,000 media owning outfits, it would not be easy for the industry to adopt standard practices. The real benefits would come when the outdoor firms think up innovative ways to leverage the emerging opportunities instead of following a commoditised approach. Read more
 Outdoor gives talkability and reach that no other media can match: Rameet Arora
Rameet Singh AroraThe outdoor media gives the brand the stature that no other media can provide. It can offer numbers, buzz, imagery and focus — all the key ingredients for a successful advertising campaign, says Rameet Arora, who has used the outdoor extensively for various Colors’ campaigns. Read more
 Collaborative approach, client focus will drive OOH industry: Madhuri Sapru
Madhuri Sapru
The OOH stakeholders would need to adopt a collaborative approach and sharpen the client focus if the industry has to grow in size and stature, observes Madhuri Sapru. This would extend to the use of measurement metrics, she says. Read more
 The challenges for the OOH industry are all in the mind: Agnello Dias
Agnello DiasWith the understanding that consumers don’t spend much time on the outdoor media, a lot of mediocrity is passed as creative work, says Agnello Dias. As regards work culture in the outdoor creative space, he says that junior pros are often asked to develop outdoor creatives, which may have negative implications for the industry. Read more
 Innovation is the survival mantra for OOH industry: Bishwajeet Samal
Bishwajeet SamalVolkswagen has used wide ranging innovations to build its brand in diverse markets. Innovations help break the clutter, build quick product awareness, create a snowballing effect, touch upon topical issues and add to the aesthetics of the local environment, says Bishwajeet Samal. Read more
 Focus on 'PEPSI' to bring more brands into the OOH fold, says Ashish Bhasin
Ashish Bhasin Introducing an OOH acronym called 'PEPSI', Ashish Bhasin says the industry should focus on people, evolution, professionalism, strategy and information. He notes that IOS research should be supported by both OMOs and specialist agencies in the overall interest of the industry. Read more
 Unity of purpose key to growth, says Jeff Golimowski
Jeff GolimowskiUnderlining the importance of standard practices, Jeff Golimowski advised the Indian outdoor industry to act in unison to usher in reasonable regulation, embrace new technologies, evangelise the medium, and serve the community. Read more
 DOAA has set standards in industry collaboration, says Mukesh Gupta
Pramod BhandulaDOAA came into existence 15 years ago when the Supreme Court banned outdoor advertising in Delhi, but it was only three years ago that it began to walk, says Mukesh Gupta. Common problems such as shrinking campaign periods and delayed payments induced the member OMOs to set guidelines for the industry on these practices. Read more
 Outdoor media cannot be targeted for power shortage, clutter: Bimal Viren Vora
Bimal Viren VoraGovernment plan to curb lighting of hoardings, citing power shortage in Mumbai, highlights the fact that wrong facts have been used to pin down the outdoor media in the city. Bimal Vora says that MHOA is streamlining ad booking, POs and payment, provision of alternative power for hoardings, perception management and integration with IOAA. Read more
 Defaulting agencies should be banned in all cities, says Nirmal Thakur
Nirmal ThakurKOAA has implemented its credit policy and made all the agencies pay their dues. The association has made it mandatory for agencies to issue POs within 15 days of launch of campaigns. The credit period will not extend beyond 90 days, says Nirmal Thakur. He welcomes the DOAA move to place a ban on defaulting agencies and calls for similar action in other cities as well. Read more
 'I to Industry': key to sustained growth, best practices & transparency, say industry leaders
OAC 2010: Panel day oneIOAA has taken measured steps to unify the OMOs and project their common issues, but agencies would like the association to broadbase its membership and address a wider canvas. Neverthelesss, industry leaders say that standard practices will bring in greater transparency and efficiency which are of critical importance to all stakeholders. Read more
OAC 2010OAC 2010 created a highly energised confluence of thoughts and ideas expressed by decision makers and seasoned professionals, aimed at ushering in standard practices and for placing the industry on a higher growth trajectory. The collective wisdom is key to the industry’s growth and development in the coming times. network2media obtained a cross-section of the industry viewpoints. Read more
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