Team n2m at UP Talks OOH

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Viable PPPs, consultative policy making, self-regulation will drive UP outdoor market
UP Talks OOH - Overview
'UP Talks OOH' conference, organised by VJ Media Works in Lucknow, brought key stakeholders of outdoor business in the state on a common platform to discuss the opportunities and challenges and to build a roadmap for effective PPPs and regulation of outdoor business. Read more
Outdoor must play a key role in Lucknow city development: Alok Ranjan
Alok RanjanAlok Ranjan, principal secretary, urban development, Uttar Pradesh, said that OOH firms could be meaningfully engaged in the development and maintenance of public utilities that range from bqs and public conveniences to public parks and tree guards. However, he was emphatic in saying there will be no compromise on the preservation of the city and its arts, architecture and aesthetics. Read more
Outdoor industry is keen to partner govt in utility-centric projects: Pawan Bansal
Pawan Bansal
UP state outdoor policy has paid little attention toward long-term projects. A calibrated approach will help the outdoor firms to obtain the first mover advantage, leverage lower cost of acquisition, plan scalability, capture higher local advertising including a share of those going into radio and press, and opt for more innovations, says Pawan Bansal, business head, Jagran Engage. Read more
Strengthen industry associations, develop common growth strategy: Pradeep Sachdeva
Pradeep SachdevaIndustry associations should help to raise the quality standards, usher in best practices and promote a common credit policy, says Pradeep Sachdeva, partner, Synergy Advertising. Image building is another key imperative for the industry which can be addressed through social campaigns. Meantime, Government bodies should focus upon creating a regulatory mechanism instead of placing a ban on hoardings. Read more
Lucknow Nagar Nigam moots plan for monthly meeting with OOH industry heads

Panel 1The civic body has assured the OOH business leaders that policies and rules in Lucknow will be based on consultations with the industry. Both sides discussed the need for developing a transparent mechanism to curb unauthorised outdoor activities in Lucknow. Read more

Civic bodies must take a long-term view of infrastructure development: Jimmy K Subawalla

Jimmy K SubawallaThere is an urgent need for integrated planning of city infrastructure. Locations and sites for outdoor advertising should also be planned well in advance, says Jimmy K Subawalla, director, Selvel Media. The outdoor industry in UP has been at the receiving end of frequent policy changes. At the same time, outdoor industry associations should take the lead in ushering in standard business practices. Read more

Uttar Pradesh is an important market for all outdoor players: Mandeep Malhotra

Mandeep MalhotraThe UP outdoor market has recorded steady growth but the sustainability of the growth trajectory would depend on the state government making provisions for long-term contracts to media owners and the promotion of street furniture projects in key cities, says Mandeep Malhotra, president, Mudra MAX. The local outdoor industry should also look to enhance the consumer engagement with interactive tools like QR code, he says. Read more

Don’t club Varanasi with larger markets like Lucknow, Kanpur: Devendra Singh

Devendra SinghThe hinterland markets bears the tag of being "backward" but are having to bear huge taxes, says Devendra Singh, president, Purvanchal Advertising Association. In a city like Varanasi where the visibility of outdoor properties does not extend beyond half of a kilometer owing to the narrow, winding roads, the local outdoor owners are hard put to recoup the higher taxes from the advertising clients, he says. Read more

Enhance quality and value of outdoor media formats in the state: Rajneesh Rawat

Rajneesh RawatExtensive geographical spread, a large number of Tier 2 & 3 cities and a large working population make UP an important outdoor advertising destination, says Rajneesh Rawat, MD, Origins Advertising. Brands like LG, Tanishq, Madura Garments and other record a higher percentage of their sales from Uttar Pradesh. Industry should educate its clients about the different facets of the business, says Rawat. Read more

UP OOH industry underlines need for greater self-regulation, calls for robust OOH body

Panel 2Self-regulation is the key to UP outdoor industry tackling the vexed issue of unauthorised hoardings in Lucknow and other cities. But there is a need for an enforcement mechanism to ensure that the common industry norms are not flouted. Read more

Way Forward: UP outdoor industry needs a common voice to articulate its avowed goals

UP Talks OOH - ConclusionverviewFragmented media ownership, defensive strategies, lack of a unified voice, limited play in the infrastructure projects and rather limited adoption of modern business practices seem to rob the Uttar Pradesh outdoor industry of the real gains from a booming national economy. Read more

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