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DISPLAY OF COMMERCIAL ADVERTISEMENTS, S.C.Railway, Guntakal Division, Commercial Branch
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Monday, 23 November 2009 17:21 (IST)

Guntakal Division
Commercial Branch

Tender Notice No.G/C.396/PUB/B&M/Vol.V dt.12.11.2009

Sealed Tenders are invited in prescribed form for display of Commercial Advertisements for the following Categories. Tender forms for each station/category can be had from the office of Senior Divisional Commercial Manager, South Central Railway, Guntakal on application and payment of requisite amount as detailed below.

Description of work/
Station Minimum
licence fee for
1st year (Rs.)
Cost of
Form (Rs.)
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
I. Sole Advt. Rights in
the earmarked areas
at Railway stations.
Guntakal 2,20,000/- 14,600/- 2,240/-
Cuddapah 1,35,000/- 9,000/- 1,120/-
Anantapur 69,000/- 4,600/- 1,120/-
Dharmavaram 38,000/- 2,600/- 1,120/-
Tadipatri 28,000/- 1,900/- 1,120/-
Yerraguntla 27,000/- 1,800/- 1,120/-
II. CCTV Contract at
Railway stations.
Raichur 30,000/- 2,000/- 1,120/-
Chittoor 19,000/- 1,300/- 1,120/-
Yadgir 30,000/- 2,000/- 1,120/-
Adoni 20,000/- 1,400/- 1,120/-
Yerraguntla 20,000/- 1,400/- 1,120/-
III. Advt. Rights in the earmarked areas at
level crossing gates.

LC Gate No.102located between Chandragiri­Tirupati

64,600/- 4,300/- 1,120/-

LC Gate No.104 located between Chantragiri­Tirupati

87,700/- 5,900/- 1,120/-
IV. Advt. Rights on the
surface of the
coaches of

1) Train No.2733/34 Narayanadri Exp. between Tirupati­Secunderabad.

13,74,400/- 91,000/- 3,360/-

2) Train No.7415/7416 Haripriya Exp. between Tirupati­Kolhapur.

2,26,560/- 15,000/- 2,240/-
3) Train
Rayalaseema Exp.
between Tirupati-
2,08,640/- 14,000/- 2,240/-
4) Train
No.7479/7480 Puri
Train No. 7481/7482
Bilaspur Exp.
4,44,160/- 30,000/- 2,240/-
5) Train
Machilipatnam Exp.
3,68,640/- 25,000/- 2,240/-
6) Train No.525/526
Passenger (Guntakl-
3,18,720/- 22,000/- 2,240/-
7) Train No.251/252
Chikjajur Passenger
39,840/- 2,700/- 1,120/-

1) For all the above categories, the period of contract is three years commencing from any subsequent date.
2) 10% Minimum escalation is proposed for 2nd and 3rd years of the contract respectively.
3) For Category No.IV, Two Packet Tendering System is adopted and for other category single packet system is adopted. .

Tender forms will be issued separately for each Station/L.C.Gate/Trains of the above Categories on payment of the requisite amount as aforesaid. Tenderer desirous of obtaining the Tender documents by post may obtain by sending Rs.500/- extra towards postal charges in addition to the cost of Tender Form by Money Order only. Cheques/Demand Drafts will not be accepted towards cost of Tender Form. Under no circumstances the cost of Tender Form is refundable. .

Tenderers can also download that Tender document through Website “http://tenders.gov.in”. Those who participate in the Tender with downloaded copy of Tender Form shall enclose a separate Demand Draft towards cost of Tender Form drawn in favour of Senior Divisional Finance Manager, South Central Railway, Guntakal. .

Venue: Tender documents duly completed in all respects shall be dropped in the common Tender Box kept for the purpose which is located opposite to DSC Office in the Divisional Railway Manager’s office compound, South Central Railway, Guntakal, Anantapur District from 15.12.2009 onwards on all working days between 11.00 hrs. to 17.00 hrs. and between 09.30 hrs. to 12.00 hrs. on the day of Tender opening i.e., 21.12.2009. Tenders will be opened at the same venue at 12.30 hrs.


May be sent by Registered Post to Senior Divisional Commercial Manager, Office of Divisional Railway Manager, South Central Railway, Guntakal-515801 so as to reach on or before 21.12.2009 at 12.00 hrs. Railway is not responsible for any delay in transit (or) lost of Tender Form sent/received by you.

Each Tender shall accompany the following:-

(a) Earnest Money Deposit (in the form of General Receipt issued by Divisional Cashier (Pay), S.C.Railway, Guntakal (OR) DD drawn in favour of Senior Divisional Finance Manager, S.C.Railway, Guntakal.
(b) Experience Documents, if any.
(c) Documents of Educational qualifications, Police Clearance Certificate, Passport Size Photos in case of individuals only.
(d) Documents of Financial viability or latest Solvency.

Date Schedules of the Tenders:-

1. Issue of Tender Forms in person = 21.11.09 to 18.12.09.
2. Issue of Tender Forms by Registered Post = 9.12.2009.
3. Last Date & Time of receipt of Tenders = Upto 12.00 hrs. on 21.12.2009.
4. Date & Time of opening Tenders = At 12.30 hrs. on 21.12.2009.

NOTE:- In case 21.12.2009 remains holiday for any reasons, the receipt/opening of Tenders shall be done on next working day.

“Visit our Website at “http://tenders.gov.in” or contact on Phone No.08552-226771. .

Sr.Divl.Commercial Manager,
South Central Railway, Guntakal.

To download complete document, click here