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Milestone Brandcom executes eBay India campaign with innovative displays
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Rajiv Raghunath   
Monday, 11 January 2010 08:00 (IST)
Milestone Brandcom is quickly making its mark as an innovative OOH solutions provider NEW DELHI: Management expert Guy Kawasaki has said at many global forums that only those brands and organisations that innovate now are more likely to be on a faster growth trajectory when the economy starts to improve. In the OOH domain, the big question is how the different actors involved in any particular engagement are willing to co-create the value add through innovation. Milestone Brandcom has taken a definitive step in this direction with a series of innovative outdoor campaign executions, the latest being the eBay India (www.ebay.in) campaign in four cities - Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Large format frontlit display bearing one of the campaign creatives eBay India has taken cognizance of the largely untapped e-commerce market in India and to leverage the opportunity has launched a new integrated campaign of which outdoor constitutes a key part. The new campaign highlights the "The eBay Way" for the best deals, thereby promising a great online shopping experience. The campaign also focuses attention on the wide range of products that can be bought in the e-commerce space.

Imtiyaz N VilatraMilestone Brandcom saw in this campaign an opportunity to innovate the outdoor displays in a way that a wide cross-section of people is attracted to the brand. Explaining this, Imtiyaz N Vilatra, managing partner & founder member, Milestone Brandcom, said, "We suggested a plan to the client which was frequency and reach-led with exposure across all the arterial roads.
The campaign was executed in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad. We then created visibility on the main corridors to drive frequency and create maximum registrations for eBay in a very short time period. We also targeted high-congregation points and shopping zones to maximise relevant exposure".

Team Milestone Brandcom worked on three innovative outdoor ideas to work up the 'wow' factor for the campaign for which the base creatives were done by Delhi-based Wieden & Kennedy.

Innovation in concept & execution ensuring higher attention & registration In the first instance, a 35' x 25' 3D format was executed near the Infinity Mall on Andheri Link Road in Mumbai which shows products ranging from cars and bags to umbrellas, TVs and computers stacked up on the rear seat of a convertible car. The idea was to demonstrate to consumers the range of products available on eBay.in.

A bus shelter bearing one of the innovations executed In the second case, retro-looking loudspeakers were displayed (in line with the TV commercial) on billboards and bus queues to convey the great discounts and value consumers can find on the e-com portal.

Another innovation on a premium frontlit large format display And, in the third innovative set, a 3D cutout of an LCD TV was created to demonstrate the fact that the latest gadgets are available on the site. The sepia-tinted visuals are a contrast to the vibrant eBay logo, which is seen in all the creatives for this campaign. These innovations were ideated, developed and executed by Team Milestone Creative team comprising Anusha Arora and Vinay Chauhan.

Kashyap VadapalliKashyap Vadapalli, Director (Marketing), eBay, commented that "Milestone Brandcom has done an outstanding job resulting in tremendous amount of buzz among consumers." Milestone has used some 500 touchpoints including billboards, bus shelters (non-lit and back-lit) and bus back panels for the campaign. The campaign has been executed for a period of 10 days.
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