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TELiBRAHMA: Banking on Augmented Reality
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Monday, 31 May 2010 09:05 (IST)
HSBCTELIBRAHMA uses augmented reality applications to get customers to interact with HSBC Bank via their mobile handsets. In this, static hoardings and print ads of the bank convey messages to the customers once they input the AR code into their individual handsets. All communication from the bank carries a unique AR code that represents corresponding content.

Augmented Reality for HSBC

Augmented reality and advertising:

  • Augmented reality enables higher levels of engagement and interactivity with the targeted consumers. When advertising based on AR is delivered through mobile, brands would benefit from the reach, engagement and measurement.
  • With AR, advertisers can use static objects like banner, print ads and even product displays to deliver personalized information and experience to targeted customers.
  • Today AR can be used for creating extremely novel and engaging applications without a large budget. These applications can enable interaction with brand, products and characters in compelling ways not previously possible.
  • However with its cool aspect interaction can quickly go viral and spread exposure with word of mouth, social networking, and link sharing.
  • In summary AR
  • Enables exciting rich media engagements with targeted consumers
  • Brings alive the static hoardings, print ads by delivering dynamic content on users mobile
  • AR enables a customized media for brands with one time investment (One time development charges, later on content & codes can be changed)

 How it works?

User downloads the application based on his handset User points the application to the code printed on the banner
Subsequently banner will allow user to access interactive content User would be played the video & applications encoded by the code


  • To improve communications with consumers and make them receptive to their communications
  • Create impulse in consumers to communicate back with bank
  • Also make users to look for new offers from bank


  • TELiBrahma created an interactive solution, an intARact browser that would enable brand and consumers connect with each other
  • All communication from bank had an unique AR code that represented corresponding content


  • To start with, the campaign was launched in select branches in 5 cities across the country
  • Call-to-action communication such as standees, promoters to encourage consumers to interact with the communication
  • Posters, Leaflets and every communication from bank had an AR code with instruction on how to download the intARact browser

AR application:

  • AR application will be built in such a way that it will support following kinds of content –
  • Videos
  • 3D content
  • Interactive menu
  • Interactive 3D animations
  • Applications
  • Images/Flash
  • Games
  • Applications
  • In addition to this we will provide customized application to save & install contents as per the requirement.

Different Media in which AR can be used:

  • Labels
  • OOH (Banners,Hoardings,displays,digital screens)
  • T-shirts
  • Print ads
  • web pages
  • Brochures & other collaterals