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Levi's® brand embraces the female form with Levi's® Curve ID campaign
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Monday, 01 November 2010 09:00 (IST)
Premium locations chosen for this high profile campaign SOUTH AFRICA: To increase awareness and announce the launch of its new Levi’s® Curve ID range, Levi Strauss South Africa (LSSA) has launched a campaign in 17 top end malls nationwide. The new line utilises a revolutionary shape-based fit system created after researching body scans of over 60,000 women from all over the world.

To promote this revolutionary approach, LSSA partnered with creative force King James, Dare Media and Primall Media to introduce the Levi’s® Curve ID campaign to South Africa as part of the Levi’s® Global Women’s Initiative.

Aimed at gaining exposure to women aged 16 to 24 years of age in the LSM 7 – 10 categories, the mall advertising platform was chosen as a great avenue to nationally access the target market and make them aware of the significant new initiative. Realising the value of mall advertising, LSSA is utilising Primall’s network of Digital Ad Screens to bring the Levi’s® Curve ID campaign to our busy malls, which have become fashion hunting grounds for women everywhere.

Through its research, Levi’s® designers have created a whole new approach to getting fitted for jeans which involves measuring to determine the difference between her hip and seat area. This will help identify her as one of the three distinct body types that account for 80 percent of women’s shapes universally.

The Levi’s® Slight Curve jeans are designed to celebrate straight figures while the new Demi Curve best suits the evenly proportioned figure. The Bold Curve is designed to honour genuine curves and in addition, exclusive to Africa, Levi’s® Eva jeans – inspired by local fit trials which revealed a definite need for jeans to address our unique African curves.

Primall Media“Not only are our Digital Ad Screens interactive mall directories, they also offer advertisers the opportunity to promote their brands and services in high definition in key locations throughout our network of malls,” says Primall’s Lee Curtis. “It makes sense for Levi’s® to increase the awareness of its shape inspired range in an environment where women spend their money during numerous hours of dwell time.”

As part of its through-the-line activity, the Levi’s® brand partners with Primall Media until the end of October this year.



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