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Milestone Brandcom gives legs to Tata International’s ‘Tashi’ in Mumbai, Delhi
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Rajiv Raghunath   
Wednesday, 10 November 2010 09:00 (IST)
Impeccable placement making the message stand out NEW DELHI: ‘99% of men say they love women in stilettos. The other 1%, lie’. This and many more eye-openers like ‘Give a girl a nice shoe and she can conquer the world’ took Mumbai by surprise as Tata International’s new footwear brand ‘Tashi’ took the outdoor by storm with a phase-wise campaign, beginning with a teaser. A whole gamut of outdoor properties like billboards, bus queue shelters, cantilevers, pole kiosks among others featured the Tashi teaser, making a series of bold fashion statements.

Jut-outs draw additional attention, simplistic & attractive copy holds it Milestone Brandcom is the OOH specialist agency that has literally given legs to this enterprising campaign. While the teaser hit the streets on October 19, the main piece of the campaign began on October 26, to go with the official launch of the Tashi store on Linking Road in Bandra, Mumbai the same day. The outdoor creatives also changed in the second phase, with the displays showcasing the Tashi products.

A fine example of stark, simple & intelligent messaging The second phase has been planned for over two weeks. Meantime, the brand has hit the streets of Delhi, showcasing the products to the target audience in the capital city. Unlike Mumbai, Milestone Brandcom has used a limited range of outdoor properties in Delhi, but they have been strategically placed to catch the attention of the TG. The Delhi leg of the campaign will run for around 15 days.

Nabendu BhattacharyyaCommenting on the agency’s preparedness to roll out a campaign of this nature, Nabendu Bhattacharyya, managing director, Milestone Brandcom, said, “Our understanding of the medium and the talent pool that we have at our disposal contributed to our team creating new benchmarks in outdoor planning and execution. The team worked hard and went ahead with the conviction that the OOH can make the brand talk. As always, our endeavor is to think beyond the brief and deliver maximum ROI to brands.”

Imtiyaz N. VilatraImtiyaz N. Vilatra, managing partner, Milestone Brandcom, who spearheaded the campaign execution, said, “We were convinced that a teaser works very well in the OOH as it creates intrigue and interest among the audience. Further, if the situation was to do with a single store launch and a single city campaign what better medium than the OOH to avoid spillovers and build a strong brand quickly.”

Intelligent & thoughtful execution of this composition “We took a complete dominance approach in and around Bandra and plastered the 5 km radius with the displays. The results are there for everyone to see. There was huge footfall at the new store which re-enforced the efficacy of this medium and the strength of our planning.”

Jut-out & enticing copy never fails to attract Likewise, the agency expects the campaign in Delhi also to work up significant consumer interest in the product, which is positioned for the audience with the archetype discerning tastes. Milestone Brandcom has demonstrated with this campaign rollout how a creative approach to brand communication can deliver great results.


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