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Aurora Comms creates 'road blocks' to promote STAR HD on screens at consumer spend-zones
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Neha Nagpal   
Friday, 13 May 2011 09:00 (IST)
All encompassing NEW DELHI: STAR India, the leading television network has introduced its five channels - STAR Plus, STAR Gold, STAR Movies, STAR World and NGC, in HD and to explain and to give consumers a visual experience of its new offering, the company has taken the OOH route targeting various spend zones across the country. The campaign has been rolled out using LCD screens at over 100 leading electronic and retail stores such as, Ezone, Vijay Sales, Next, Kohinoor etc. across major metros.

Making its presence felt For this, the company has tied up Aurora Comms also known as A Comms, the advertising network media house that helps connect brands to consumers at the final mile in their spend-zones. The campaign started mid April and has been rolled out for over five weeks.

Generating engagement The idea behind the campaign was to educate the consumers that only the STAR Network is showing programmes shot with HD cameras and hence, these are the only channels that provide the ‘Asli HD’ experience.

Making it obvious The OOH initiative showcased the 'Asli HD' experience on LCD screens both in the form of live channels, as well as experiential television commercials created by STAR HD to educate consumers about the quality of HD. The live channel displayed on LCD screens created the feel of HD technology and thus gave consumers the visual experience for them to differentiate between the quality of programmes shot on HD cameras with the ones that are not.

Gayatri YadavCommenting on the campaign initiative, Gayatri Yadav, EVP, marketing and communications, STAR India Pvt Ltd said, “Of late, there has been a lot of activity and communication on HD, but unfortunately, none of it gives the entire picture and in most of the cases, the common man still does not actually get an HD experience that he has paid for. Through this campaign, STAR India wishes to educate consumers on what it takes to get an 'Asli (real) HD' experience and help them experience the difference between 'Asli HD' broadcast by STAR TV and what is commonly misunderstood as HD these days.”

Giving the 'Real' feel She further stated, “There were two pillars of the 'Asli HD' campaign – education about what is required for 'Asli HD' and experience of what this 'Asli HD' looks and sounds like. Hence, a strategic mix of saliency medium like hoardings and experience media like LCD screens, mall and retail spaces were chosen across the focus markets.”

Non intrusive, yet impactful “We have used LCD screens on a large scale. The LCD screens are very appropriate for our HD campaign especially when we wanted to give people a visual experience of watching 'High Definition' content. Through the channel ids which are being played across the screens in our select markets. We believe that LCD screens are a non-intrusive way of reaching out to the public and show casing a visual experience beyond just static visuals. They also serve as an extremely good reminder medium”, added Yadav.

Vishakha SinghVishakha Singh, executive director, Aurora Comms, said, ‘Hi -Definition content is all about the experience. We planned the campaign based on the idea of ‘seeing is believing’ and thus bringing the HD experience live for consumers”.

Grabbing the consumers at the spend-zones “Electronic stores are not places to visit once a year anymore; gone are the days when one buys a refrigerator or a phone and assigns a long life to it. These days, people flock to buy and to browse. Lifestyles are changing not only from two TV sets to more TV sets but also to multiples slimmer LCD panels. Hence, these were the best places to add HD in their baskets”, she added.

Apart from this, STAR India also used hoardings for promotions of its ‘Asli HD’ feed. The company has also done mall and retail activation across major metros.

For the records, Aurora Comms, is India’s largest advertising network media house that helps connect brands to consumers at the final mile in their spendzones. These spendzones or consumer touch points are retail stores of all format, malls, multiplexes, financial retail, electronic retail, book stores, and entertainment parks, gyms and health clubs, coffee shops and many more consumption places. The solutions are spread across 600 plus cities covering more than 4000 destinations.        


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