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Monday, 23 May 2011 09:00 (IST)
Kunal Mukherjee, head marketing - broadcasting, UTV'We use WOM and brand resonance as the measure of OOH advertising impact'

Kunal Mukherjee, head marketing - broadcasting, UTV is responsible for the marketing activities of UTV Bindass, World Movies, UTV Movies and UTV Action. He has over seven years of marketing experience. Prior to UTV, he was with Zoom TV as marketing head. He has also worked as Sr. brand manager with S-Group at TAM Media Research. In an interview with network2media, Mukherjee shares his thoughts on the OOH industry in the context of the fast changing lifestyle and media consumption patterns of the youth. Edited excerpts:

What importance does OOH advertising have in the media mix of channels such as yours?

OOH is important for creating awareness and is used across our network of channels – both plain vanilla and innovation.

With changing urban lifestyles and people (Especially youth) spending more time Out-of-Home, has there been a deeper involvement with OOH advertising in the recent years?

Youth hangout and their attention span challenges traditional OOH media except for maybe bus shelters in front of colleges. OOH media is perhaps a little more relevant along with partnerships with Cafés etc. where youth do hangout, we have moved in that space with tie ups with digital OOH media screens present in BPO’s, CCD’s, restaurants and most importantly in the colleges.

What are the discernible new trends that you have noticed in the outdoor media domain in recent years?

Duration of OOH campaigns has come down – Shorter Duration/More Frequency.

Focus is more on innovation both in creative and usage of medium.

Your channels being youth oriented, do you associate with any sporting activities?

Cricket is the dominant sport in India and everyone is associated with it in some way or the other. We have an online cricket engagement platform for our audiences called 'Balla Bol', however, this currently only engages all working professionals.

What importance do on-ground activations have in your brand building initiatives?

On-ground activations are very important to us for all our plans, with the fickle attention spans within the TG, it becomes extremely critical to target them everywhere they go.

Is mall advertising an important media option for you?

Yes! Mall media is an important advertising option as it is critical to stay top of mind for all brands in this day and age.

Does airport advertising deliver value for your brand building activities?

No! We do not see much value in airport advertising.

Does outdoor advertising deliver better value in smaller cities as compared to metros?

Yes! As they are largely clutter free as opposed to the ones in the metros.

Are you satisfied with the quality of innovations used for outdoor campaigns in the country?

No! There is a lot of scope as far as innovations in this space are concerned, however, they are coming in but at a fairly slow pace.

In the absence of universal and credible measurement metrics, how do you evaluate ROI on your investments in outdoor advertising?

Usually we use WOM and brand resonance as the measure. However, both are qualitative measures.

What steps can be taken by the OOH advertising industry to enhance its value offering to the brand owners?

Site owners do not double up as campaign planners but offer better value. This leaves planning in the hands of the marketing team alone without recommendations from the vendor. For the industry to become more professional this needs to change.

Going forward, do you see the share of OOH advertising going up in overall ad spend for your brands?

OOH accounts for about 20 percent of our overall spend. YOY share will remain the same.
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