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Lowe and Partners leverages mobility platform with the launch of Linscan – a strategic rural marketing software from Linterland
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Thursday, 03 May 2012 09:00 (IST)
Lowe and Partners, LinterlandMUMBAI: Lowe and Partners has launched Linscan, a strategic software designed by Linterland, the rural marketing arm of Lowe and Partners. The software has been designed for marketing companies to overcome the herculean on how to find out the most potential markets across rural India.

Linscan is the world’s first rural marketing software that has incorporated the mobility platform, thereby enabling marketers to effectively plan and control in real time. It helps answering some of the most vital questions for every marketing company - where to reach the potential target audience, how to find them and what is the most optimum way they can be addressed.

With growth drying up in developed markets and their center of gravity shifting to emerging markets, MNC businesses in India face constant pressure to prove that their rural strategies are not just about performing for sales, but also from a long term marketing perspective. The challenge however is to prove that these strategies are effective and delivers top and bottom line results.

Linscan enables companies to do market prioritisation at a very micro level through quantitative and qualitative analysis of markets, plan distribution points across geographies, identify the right kind of media options that will lead to very cost effective marketing initiatives.

Kevin D’SouzaKevin D’Souza, executive director, Linterland, said, “The Linterland team has spent over a year to pursue and develop this programme so that marketers vying for a bigger share of the rural wallet of India’s burgeoning economy could have a better planning and operations mechanism that embeds accountability of media spends, distribution and sales efforts.”

The real test is to find out right markets in a vast rural market, where the investments can reap long term results. With the entry of internet and mobile telephony, the dynamics of rural markets are changing very fast. The marketers need to be updated every time before designing a marketing strategy, failing which, the cost of failure is very expensive and has long term negative impression with consumers.

Sharad VarshneyAccording to Sharad Varshney, Sr. vice president, Linterland, “Linscan is an effort to make the complex simple in rural market planning.”

Using the mobile platform, it offers real time field force management; the field force can be accessed by proven longitudinal and latitudinal identities enabling better market reporting systems. It enables carrying out real time surveys that can be logged in and updated over time that offer feedback of consumers across the length and breadth of the country.

Linscan is a web based GIS tool that can be replicated across international geographies, highly secure and compatible across all widely accepted mobile platforms; RIM, Android and Windows. It is highly versatile and can operate from low bandwidth locations where just text could be uploaded or ideal situations where data and visual uploads are possible.

Pravin SawantPravin Sawant, chief technology office, Lowe and Partners, said, “Linscan is a prime example of how business insights and technology can synergise to realise path-breaking ideas.”

The information base is geo coded census information that can be updated as and when newer data is available. Linscan also enables multiple information uploads that can be utilised. Clients can even map sales data to give a true picture of input against output.
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