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iPOSS digital display
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Monday, 10 August 2009 13:46 (IST)
MANCHESTER: North-West based Matrix Media Systems has launched the iPOSS (Imaging Point of Sale System) – a slim profile multi-screen digital signage and display system.

12 LCD TFT screens measuring 381 mm are housed within one thin bezel unit (overall dimensions 1173mm x 1258mm) – a unique proposition for the mainstream market. Previously only bespoke systems would be able to offer this configuration.

The system allows for total management of all content, whether it is multi-media, video and image files or graphics and data material, and offers the ability to update and edit whenever required. Each screen runs independently ensuring a vast amount of content can be displayed and adding, updating or managing the information can be carried out by non-technical staff resulting in very low cost of ownership.

An iPOSS digital display system
Furthermore, access to the screens can be made remotely from a desktop or laptop computer enabling the user to achieve their objective without being in front of the system.

The manufacturing of the components that make up the iPOSS hardware and software are all generated from one facility guaranteeing a seamless and integrated product. Each unit is offered with a one-year technical warranty and full user training and advice is provided. Unlimited customer support via phone or email is standard.

The end-user possibilities for iPOSS are limitless as it offers enormous capabilities for all businesses, large or small. It is an immediate and eye-catching information and promotional tool for those involved in the corporate, hospitality, retail, commercial and educational sectors, enabling the promotion of their services and products to both their customers and visitors whilst also keeping their in-house staff up to date.

One of the first companies to take advantage of the iPOSS is Oldham-based Dawnvale, specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of commercial bars and kitchens with an extensive domestic and international client base.

Neil Guest, director of Dawnvale, commented, "The iPOSS is already attracting a lot of interest from our clients and visitors to the showroom. We are able to showcase our many installations carried out over the years in an eye-catching and informative way and replacing the slide show that we previously used to demonstrate what we do, it has offered us a very slick and engaging marketing platform."

Key parameters:

1. Once files are loaded on to the iPOSS all that is required to run it is power (essentially just needs plugging in).

2. Does not use any video splitters or special computer equipment and therefore very cost effective to any comparable 12 screen alternative.

3. Compatible with standard video compression codec's available as standard on all modern computers.

4. The iPOSS contains 3 CPLDs (complex programmable logic device macro cell) and memory.

5. The embedded PC receives new files/updates/instructions from any standard PC (LAN/WAN/USB) that has the software loaded on it.

6. The software has been designed to create slide shows automatically with only the user 'drag and dropping' images into the software with essentially means that anyone with basic computer skills will easily be able to create impressive slide shows or import video and other file types.

7. Nearest type of products available are screens that link together and are driven by either computers using video splitters or video drivers using video splitters or a series of computers and complex networking systems.

8. RRP approx. GBP5K


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