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International: Billboard with giant inflated condom removed after mom complains
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Thursday, 10 May 2012 09:00 (IST)
Van Wagner, AHFLOS ANGELES: A concerned mother has prevailed in her fight to have a neighborhood AIDS-prevention billboard in Van Nuys removed. Eve Ragsdale worried about having to explain the billboard to her 6-year-old triplets. The billboard on Sepulveda Boulevard depicts an image of an inflated condom, with the question "Why Not?".

The offensive billboard Ktla.com reports that the billboard was placed there to promote AIDS prevention.

Ragsdale must drive her kids by the billboard between Victory Boulevard and Erwin Street every day.

So she complained to its sponsor, The AIDS Healthcare Foundation, and the billboard's owner, outdoor advertising company Van Wagner.

Bill CrabtreeVan Wagner Outdoor vice chairman Bill Crabtree told the Los Angeles Daily News that the billboard would be changed.

"I told my operations manager to move it", Crabtree said. "We listened to Eve Ragsdale, and though we do not necessarily agree with her, if it's offensive to her, the last thing we want to do is offend anyone."

"We do not put up ads for strip clubs, we do not put up anything that is lewd", Crabtree said.

"But the AIDS thing is educational, quite frankly. I know people might look at some of the designs askew, but they are trying to get their point across."

Eve Ragsdale and her children Ragsdale had contended that her children, who read now and ask questions about everything, were not developmentally ready to have the AIDS-condom relationship explained to them.

"It's just an inappropriate image for all of the children in the neighborhood", she said.

Crabtree said the condom image might be replaced with a milder ad from the AHF campaign, or with an entirely different organization's ad.


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