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Milestone Brandcom creates 'steaming', 'spicy' outdoor presence for McDonald’s 'Spice Fest'
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Monday, 18 June 2012 09:00 (IST)
High impact MUMBAI: In order to promote its 'Spice Fest' between April 1 and June 1, 2012, wherein, McDonald's introduced four new variants of its McSpicy range of products, the company embarked on a 360 degree promotional campaign with a mix of TVCs, print, outdoor and in-store promotions. Milestone Brandcom was vested with the Out-of-Home campaign duties in nine markets.

Rameet AroraCommenting on the campaign initiative, Rameet Arora, senior director marketing, McDonald's India (West and South), said, "We have come up with a campaign that embodies the fun, freshness and festivities of 'Spice Fest' to extend our "I’m Lovin It" experience to our customers. We have tried to communicate the varieties of ‘Spice’ in a fun way, whilst showcasing our ‘freshness’ and ‘quality‘ products, which is something we are very proud of at McDonald’s. We at McDonald’s aim to be our customer’s first choice and we are taking brand McDonald’s to the next level by providing our customers with products and campaigns that are new, fresh and innovative.”

Strategic placement "A range so spicy, it called for a blazing hype and buzz in the market to create awareness and conversations around the spicy delights, making people talk about and tempted to walk into to the McDonald's outlets to try it", added Arora.

Large formats deployed The OOH campaign was executed across 9 markets starting April 2012 across 200 touch points. Besides creating impact with large format billboards and gantries at key junctions and arterial roads, the campaign reached out to the target audience in the most efficient and effective way along various high reach media formats like bus shelters, railway foot-over bridges and utilities.

Hanoz Patel“Milestone Brandcom seized the opportunity to unveil this exciting hot range by bringing the most innovative brand connect with the consumers at the most relevant touch points. The most disruptive communication by all means touched the consumers on multiple fronts at the last mile including malls, spice markets, local kirana(grocery) stores, McDonald’s outlets right up to their residential premises”, said Hanoz Patel, founder member and managing partner, Milestone Brandcom.

Straddling exposure “While one could see a heat wave in the summers in India, Milestone Brandcom further built on the spicy offering with innovative executions around the hot and spicy burger burning up a billboard on every bite or using the fire extinguishers to put out the fire as a result of savouring a hot and sizzling McSpicy delight”, He further added.

The first day - The full burger The burning billboard right in the heart of Mumbai, at Mahim causeway – an area that witnesses more than 2.5 lakh passenger cars daily, the innovative concept of revealing the product was carried out on a 40ft X 20ft billboard for a period of a week and included 5 flex changes.

Partially eaten up On the first day, audiences saw an entire burger with the McDonald’s logo. Thereafter, every alternate day for the next 5 days, the burger was bitten off, reducing in size with the area around the bitten part of the burger surrounded by flames which emitted real smoke.

Fully devoured On the last day of this innovation, audiences saw a billboard with a hole in the shape of the burger, still flaming hot. The innovation was a sure shot traffic stopper and caught attention of every passerby.

The platform at malls Taking us back to the days when our grandmothers would be drying chilies on the roof, the idea was taken forward to create further hype and buzz around the new products launched. The atrium space in Mega Mall and Nirmal Lifestyle were taken up and huge rounded 10ft X 10ft platforms were set up surrounded by dried chilies carrying the McSpicy fest logo. An activity that caught everyone’s attention and conveyed the message to both the young and the old.

Danglers and tent cards on sackful of chillies The most important ingredient for the Indian palate – spice is sought by one and all at a single place, where one gets to see the entire range of spices, with the perfect mix and variety in the most convenient neighbourhood – the local kirana store or the modern trade outlet. It is here that the audiences came face to face, experiencing and absorbing the new range of spices in the McDonald’s product range. These were the places where simple danglers were used and tent cards placed on sack full of chilies for on-the-spot connect that made the audience turn around and notice the brand. It was direct and effective.

'Smoking' ears Milestone Brandcom also created some amusing communication outbreaks, creating brand interaction and engagements with consumers on the go at the city bus stops in high footfall locations to create buzz and conversations around the new McSpicy delights. A teenage boy who just bought himself a take away McDonald’s McSpicy Burger, sat on a bench of the bus stop and savoured the spicy delight.

Sizzling hot On taking the first couple of bites of the burger, he broke into profuse sweat and had smoke coming out of his ears. The bystanders were zapped and started taking photos and videos of him, thinking it to be an unusual spectacle. The activity made its way to various social media platforms as result and a simple but creative installation, brought many curious visitors to McDonald’s outlets to try out the hottest range.


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Fire extinguishers at strategic locations Another idea that was to used drive home the point that the new 'Spicy' range is so fiery that one will need a fire extinguisher to cool oneself off. Fire extinguishers were installed in various ambient locations including McDonald’s stores, corporate and residential buildings in the vicinity of the stores to lure the audiences to the summer special delights.

The campaign spiced up the summer of 2012 with multiple innovative communications at relevant touch points and exciting engagements to drive the hot and sizzling summer delights from McDonald’s.

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